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Mud Bay Fall Photo Contest
#mudbaypets #fallstyle #costumes #diy #photooftheday #fallprops #pumpkins #pnw
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Fall Is In The Air

Our fur child, Remi, is always super cuddly, but even more so this time of year! Also, I can already tell she is going to be the best big sister to her human counterpart who will be arriving in March!

Mulan in the sunlight

This is our beautiful, sweet 4-month-old puppy Mulan! She was a shelter dog, so we're not 100% sure of her breed(s). My husband passed away this summer, and she has been an incredible comfort to my 13-year-old daughter and me.

Three Lab Pups

Juniper, Spruce, Aspen, First Fall 2018

Bulldogge taking flight

This is a picture of Kitty, my Olde English Bulldogge jumping for leaves.

Oakley Lion

Oakley in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Kitty!

Raja relaxes with her pumpkin!

Cammy the Pumpkin Pup

Cammy is enjoying a crisp fall day.

Gracie the Good Witch

Gracie is relaxing before she tries out some new spells.

Dakota mushroom hunting

Mushroom hunting during deer season, Mt. Adams.

A morning walk in Renton

Kiah is a distinguished 7.5 year old boxer who loves squeaky toys, lacrosse balls, and all of her stuffed animals from Mud Bay. She also enjoys swimming, butt scritches, being as close to me as possible, and car rides!

Penelope and the Pumpkin

Penelope is a 5 Month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves fall and looks pretty cute at the Pumpkin Patch! We love MudBay and won't shop anywhere else!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Wilson is a 4 month old Vizsla who is enjoying his first Fall! He likes playing in the leaves and loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes almost as much as his mom!